Printing Concepts G7 Certified

What Does This Actually Mean?

A G7 Master is a printer who has been trained by an IDEAlliance-certified G7 Expert to use the G7 system. More importantly, we think it demonstrates our commitment to quality and consistency.

What is G7?

In a nutshell — G7 makes standardized proofing and printing easier.

Benefits for Creatives & Print Buyers:

• G7 Master Printers meet the latest printing specifications (GRACoL*) and deliver the most consistent, repeatable work.
• G7 Compliant Proofing = Matching Press Sheet
• Quicker turn-around, higher quality, greater
consistency, easier re-prints, and most importantly, customer satisfaction! • Easier file sharing between different G7 printers and technologies (eg: offset, flexo, gravure, newsprint, wide-format)
• Many Fortune 500 companies are specifying G7 certification on a national basis as a strategy to ensure consistency for their print materials.

*GRACoL (General Requirements for Applications in Commercial Offset Lithography) is the North American standard of proof and print specifications, defining how a typical sheet-fed commercial press should look.

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For More Information About Gracol and G7 Visit: www.idealliance.org