Case Studies

Challenge: We received art files for a drapery hardware catalog with new product photography. Many of the gold and brass product images displayed a green cast and needed to be color corrected to match the actual product. We recognized the importance of accurate product representation and that precise color correcting would be required.

Solution: "We received our catalog and wanted you to know that we are thrilled with the results and it was your designer who single-handedly saved this project and turned it from a potential disaster into a catalog we are receiving compliments on. She kept striving for perfection and understood that this catalog could not be compromised in any way. I felt like she was part of our team, and she had the ability to not only understand what we wanted, but also make it happen. Thanks to everyone who made this project a success." Without our timely correction, the rollout of an entire new product line would have been delayed.

Challenge: "I’ve been working with printers for 25 years and most tell me they can only offer "2 legs out of a 3-legged stool." That is, when you’re looking for quality, price, and quick turnaround, you usually can only expect 2 out of the 3."

Solution: "You delivered all 3 – with terrific service on top of it. You gave us a very competitive price, top notch quality, and met our tight deadline. In addition, your art department was able to internally fix a technical problem with our artwork, as well as accommodate a last minute client change, saving us money. Our client commented, "It’s the best looking conference brochure we’ve had in our 24 years of hosting the conference."

Challenge: One client who works with car dealers throughout the US, helping them sell customer loyalty programs to new car owners, faced some challenges. They were experiencing delivery times of up to 3 weeks on plastic cards and key tags, and were unable to start their billing process until the cards and key tags were in their customers’ hands. This meant they lost an entire month of revenue. Additionally, the plastic cards were heavy, so out of state shipping was expensive.

Solution: We were able to produce and deliver the cards within 3-5 business days, so billing could begin immediately, no lag time. With our centrally located Midwest facility, shipping costs were reduced for their clients across the country. Plus, all orders are placed online through our "Web to Print" system enabling the upload of both graphic and data files for encoding, thus preserving the integrity of the data and integrating the entire process.

Challenge: A client was struggling to design a calendar using a program that was unfamiliar to her, and rather intricate. This resulted in the need for our prepress department to spend a few hours correcting her file, and costing her company money.

Solution: The following year, we set her up with a customized calendar template, using our new, userfriendly, LumaPix software. She was thrilled with the simplicity of the design process. Their calendar looked professionally designed, with less time spent and less money invested.

Challenge: "I need 1000 plastic cards done in a few days."

Solution: "Printing Concepts was able to get them done when nobody else could. The cards were of excellent quality and my client who needed the cards, was extremely pleased. We ended up ordering 1000 more, and we were just as pleased with the service and quality on the reorder. Thanks Printing Concepts!"